Manhattan Beach Residence

Manhattan Beach, CA

Warm & modern redesign

Here PDA has carried out a full interior re-design of the upper floor of a three-story ocean-view house for a young married couple.  Aside from coastal views from the top floor, the original structure was a handsome but unremarkable contemporary “spec house” in Manhattan Beach. The newly-married pair were interested in a warm, integrated modern feeling for the adjoining living room, kitchen, and dining area.

New masonry chimney with cantilevered stone-slab hearth in Manhattan Beach
This renovated home in Manhattan Beach features an elegant new kitchen

Home is where the hearth is

A new masonry chimney with cantilevered stone-slab hearth offers a sense of permanence and gravity as a focal point for the living room seating.  And the elegant new kitchen is tucked against adjoining walls in an “L” shape, creating a clearly defined central zone in which the dining table becomes a natural focal point.

Small space, big amenities

The existing nearby home office area became a distinctive multi-purpose room, with a new “snuggle hutch” bed nook (complete wth queen sized mattress, flat-screen TV, overhead lighting, concealed bookshelf with integral cushioned backrest, storage drawers, etc.) and a compact computer desk area with full-height wall storage immediately adjacent.

Stunning clean, flowing lines with sweeping planes of white in this Manhattan Beach redesign
Renovated home office features a unique "snuggle-hutch" bed nook, complete with queen sized mattress & flat screen TV

A fresh look at sea and sky

Existing fixtures, finishes, and cabinets were dated and in need of replacement.  In the new design, PDA emphasizes clean, flowing lines, and a limited palette of warm natural materials, as well as sweeping planes of white, which highlight the views of sky and water.

Gorgeous views from this Manhattan Beach remodel